HOW MARTIN SPORTS DOES SIM GLOVES ______________________________

Touch Screen friendly

To keep up with the sim drivers that multitask, our gloves are touch screen friendly. Both the index finger and thumb are touch screen senstive for the racers who need to post social media updates.

Contrast Stitching

To increase visability of the glove design and brands printed on them, we utilize contrasting stitching for all of our glove construction. Strong stitching for long lasting gloves now visually appeal to everyone.

Exclusive "Cool & Dry" Material

A lot of research and development has gone into the moisture wicking material used on all of the sim gloves. Stay cool and dry with maximum movement and control 100% of the time.

Additional Wheel Padding

As sim racers put a lot of wear and tear on gloves, especially in areas of high grip, we have increased the amount of padding in those areas. This allows sim racers to wear these gloves and never having to worry about breakdown.

Padded Leather Palms

As an added layer of grip we have constructed the entire palm and finger areas with leather. Drivers will be able to grip any wheel without an slippage.

Sublimation Graphics

All colors and graphics are done with a process called sublimation. We turn the material and the colors/patterns into one product for a never breakdown, never fade product.