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Full Dye Shirts & Hoodies

Are you tired of being charged for “by the color” prints? We bet you are, that’s why we’ve put in an extraordinary effort to develop our own clothing line, with our Full Dye Sublimation printing process.

No more cracking paint, bleeding colors or lifting images. Our unique process actually prints the design INTO the fabric, not on top of it like our traditional screen printing process.  This allows us complete creative freedom when we design your “all over print”.

Our Full Dye prints will never bleed in the wash or fade and we keep shrinking to a minimum by using moisture-wicking polyester fabric.

If you’ve seen our competitors’ sub dye prints before, you’ve probably noticed some white where the fabric has folded over itself during the printing process. This happens because the garment was built BEFORE the print process and then the ink was applied. If the garment has any folds or crease, a white, unprinted line will be visible.

At Great Lakes Clothing Co, we print on blank white fabric, THEN we cut out our template and MAKE  the garment. We can achieve 100% ink coverage this way, and we do it for the same price as the other guys.

Check out our gallery for sample of our work. Let us know if our Full Dye system will work for you!